RW In a nutshell

The Peanut to our Butter

 At RW, we value compassion, community, giving, and adventure. ❤️

We believe in providing the best quality care for your special pet(s), enriching their lives (and yours), and doing our part to spread the love to animals in need. #qualityenrichmentlove

Here’s a quick snapshot of the services we offer (all served with a side of loooove):

Dog Walking
Dog Running
In-Your-Home (IYH) Pet Sitting (overnight + drop-in)
New Pet Parent Consultations
Out-of-the-norm-bookings (on-call, after hours, weekends, holidays)
Big Day Sitter
+ add-ons: Pup Wash, Light Housekeeping, Carpet Spot Clean, Nest Camera (live video streaming)

Currently specializing in:

A-type pet parents or those who appreciate our ways (we're A-typers too so we totally get it)
Small to Medium sized dogs - all ages
High-energy dogs (perfect for dog running!) - all ages
Senior dogs (7+ years old) that need a little extra TLC (ie. medications, pee/poo accidents, slow walks, etc.)
Cats – all ages + sizes
Small pets (ie. fish, birds, guinea pigs, rats, turtles, etc.)

LET'S MEET-AND-GREETno butt sniffing, we promise      WANT MORE 411?this way to our FAQs


*when I say “we”, it’s really the royal we ’cause right now it’s just me (Rosie) 😁