Our Story

Rosie DeLibero

Owner. Pet Lover. Doggie Mom. (+ Veteran. A-typer. Giver. Sensitive soul. Nature embracer. Wanderluster.)

The inspiration behind it all:

For the last 6+ years, I’ve been ma to 4 amazing fur kids (they all “work” at RW – see below). I’m incredibly lucky to have them in my life; they’ve taught me and continue to teach me so, soooo much. Each one of them has very special needs so every day is truly a surprise (usually wonderful, sometimes ER worthy).

Mickey – 6 yrs old:  grain allergy + dry skin + seasonal allergies

Abby – 10 yrs old:  gastrointestinal issues + sensitive esophagus + high anxiety

Lyken – 6 yrs old:  high anxiety + seasonal allergies

Tootsie – 16 yrs old:  heart disease (enlarged heart) + chronic bronchitis + seizures + fainting spells + going blind/deaf

My experience caring for lovebugs goes way, way back to before I rescued my kiddos. Throughout my life, I’ve cared for a wide variety of furry, feathery, scaly, slimy, and hoofed pets. From my grandfather’s donkey (who would chase every female donkey he could) to our family’s chickens (too many to list them all) to Jose my goldfish (who lived to be 11 years old; he had a really good life). I cared for each and every one of them with the utmost love. To this day, when friends or family need someone to care for their pets (or to help with that weird rash on their pups butt) they send me a text for help. #rosietotherescue

What I offer my RW family goes beyond the fun stuff, like walking, playing fetch, and belly rubs. I have years of experience in emergency situations, along with military training which makes my “go” mode tried-and-true. You can rest easy knowing that your pet(s) are in good hands.


*also, just in case you were wondering what I was doing before RW, here’s a quick snippet of my 16+ year professional career: military (USAF Veteran), government contracting (I traveled A LOT), corporate life (started in tech then went into digital brand + content strategy). You can find a full summary on my LinkedIn profile: Rosie DeLibero, LinkedIn.




Chief Cuddle Officer (CCO) + Head Treat Tester

I’m cute, cuddly, and have mastered the art of ninja kisses (no one ever sees ’em comin’). My main j-o-b at RW is treat testing. Nothing gets added to ma’s treat tote without my official paw of approval. #itsahardjobbutsomebodysgottodoit

I’m also the M to the ALT in @theMALTBalls on Insta. Give us a looksies ’cause we’re like 4 peas in a pod, if the pod was a house in PDX with a yard, trails, and… squirrels!






Chief Fetch Officer (CFO) + Head Stuffed Toy Tester

I’m adorably small, a total daddy’s girl, and think that playing fetch at 0630 in the morning is 100% acceptable (there’s no such thing as a “bad time” for fetch). At RW, my job is to test the stuffed toys for their worthiness. I’m a Master De-fluffer; my PR in de-fluffing is 45 seconds – so I know what I’m barking about.

I’m also the A to the MLT in the @theMALTBalls. I’m second in the spelling but #1 in my daddy’s heart (which is all that matters). #hesmydadnotyours






Chief Ball Officer (CBO) + Master Alarm Clock

I won’t stop, don’t stop (squeaking my tennis ball) – ever. Ma says if she could bottle my energy it would sell faster than warm donuts on a cold PDX morning, that’s debatable though. I go from 0 – 60 in 2.3 seconds, which means I keep RW (aka my ma) running, starting at 0630 every. single. morning. #keepingmaonhertoessince2011

I’m also the L to the MAT in the @theMALTBalls. I bring the b to every ‘ounce, the s to every ‘queak, and the L to the MAT – so you could say that I complete things like no other.






Chief Snoring Officer (CSO) + Ma’s Sidekick (aka Shadow)

I’m old(er), wise(r), and if ma’s out of my sight for more than 15 seconds, the world. will. end. See, I have the most important job at RW – I make sure ma doesn’t get lost in our house. Who knows where she’d end up if I wasn’t always by her side. #expertnavigatoreventhoughicantseeorhear

I’m also the T to the MAL in the @theMALTBalls. In my opinion, it’s the most important letter ’cause without it, it would just be “mal” (“bad” in Spanish). See what I did there?…