Business-y Stuff

RW is insured, bonded, licensed, and trained in pet first aid + cpr. We’re also registered with the NaVOBA, Pet Sitters International, and Professional United Pet Sitters.

– Insurance + bonding is provided by Pet Sitters Associates LLC. Here’s a link to our member profile: Rosie Walks.

– Keeping our pro status active by learning, collaborating, and engaging with our fellow pet care community with Pet Sitters International and Professional United Pet Sitters memberships. #alwaysmoretolearn

– We’re licensed + registered with the Oregon Secretary of State + Washington County as an official Sole Proprietorship/Small Business.

– As far as my professional career history, you can find a full summary on my LinkedIn profile: Rosie DeLibero, LinkedIn.

Insured + Bonded (covered from nose to tail)
Trained in Pet First Aid + CPR

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