Dog Running

Are we running today? YEAH WE ARE! WOOHOO!! 😀 🏃🏻‍♂️ #improbablygonnaregretthistomorrow #Mickey @theMALTballs #rosie_walks

We’ll watch <insert your pups name here> run happily by our side while you’re hard at work sipping an Americano and solving the space-time continuum (’cause you’re awesome like that).

At RW we know that everyone’s pup is super special, that’s why all of our care is 100% customized!

During our meet-and-greet (this is step 1) we’ll go over all the details to give your pup(s) the best custom quality care & love they deserve.


Service1x a week2x + a week
45 min. run$30 per run$27 per run
Holidays, on-call, after hours, and weekends are only $5 extra per run

Each run includes (not limited to):

  • Custom running route (the fewer the crosswalks the better – and safer)
  • Custom distance (based on your pups energy + endurance level)
  • Warm up + cool down
  • Water breaks (as needed)
  • Treat time (if allowed)
  • Plenty of belly rubs, ear scratches, “way to go’s”, and post-run kisses
  • Text message with adorable photo/video of your pet + detailed visit update (there’s no such thing as too many pics of your cutie paw-tootie)

Ready to get your (rosie) run on?

LET'S MEET-AND-GREETno butt sniffing, we promise

Things to note:

  • The dog running base prices are for 1 dog. If you have 2+ pups* at home that you’d like run, let us know and we can work together to figure out the best solution.  *each additional pup will be $10 extra per dog/per run
  • All runs are one-on-one unless your fur family includes bro’s and sista’s, then we’ll work together to find the best solution (as stated above).
  • We keep a VERY close eye on your pet during our runs. Your pet’s safety + comfort is our #1 priority so we’ll tailor each run based on weather conditions and overall health.* If anything is “off”, we’ll adjust the run as necessary.  *we highly recommend obtaining your vet’s approval prior to starting a running schedule
  • We run rain or shine. During severe weather conditions, we’ll work with you to figure out the best alternative.
  • We provide all natural fresh fruits and veggies* as treats (ie. apples, carrots, blueberries, etc.). If you + your pet prefer their regular treats (or an all natural alternative), we can definitely use whatever is preferred.  *we only provide the ones that are safe for them to eat

**when I say “we”, it’s really the royal we ’cause right now it’s just me (Rosie) 😁 


WANT MORE 411?this way to our FAQs


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