Additional Services

This is where we list some more wonderfully helpful services (and add-ons). Being pet parents ourselves, these are things that we find super useful or that help us keep our sanity.

ServiceCostAddtl. Info
New pet parent consultation$55 for 60 min. seshIncludes custom pet parent plan + more
Out-of-the-norm bookings$5 extra per serviceBased on service type
Transportation$18 roundtripTotal max distance: 15 miles
Big Day Sitter (ie. wedding, moving, etc.)Based on services neededSpecial request
Pup wash$12 per pupAdd-on for dog park playtime OR IYH Pet Sitting
Light housekeeping$45 for common areasAdd-on for IYH Pet Sitting
Carpet spot clean$35 for a reasonably-sized areaAdd-on for IYH Pet Sitting
Nest camera (live video streaming)$6 per dayAdd-on for IYH Pet Sitting

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Service details:

New Pet Parent Consultation = $55 for 60 min. consultation + custom pet parent plan

Got a new puppy or kitten? Or your very first pup or cat? First, congrats on becoming a new pet parent, WOOHOO (it’s the best feeling ever)!! Second, no need to worry if you’re not sure what to do now – we’ve got you covered. Our expert pet consultant will work with you + your new pet to make sure you get started on the right paw.

Consultation + custom pet parent plan includes (not limited to): indoor + outdoor survey (to identify potential hazards), new pet checklist, product recommendations + much more (like a super cute notebook to keep everything nice and organized).


Out-of-the-norm bookings = $5 extra per service

On-call:  same day bookings

After hours:  Monday – Friday, 5pm – 9pm

Weekends:  Saturday + Sunday, by appointment only

Last minute requests (IYH Pet Sitting):  less than 5 days notice

Holidays:  what we consider holidays are listed below*

We understand that sometimes life happens outside of the usual biz hours, no need to fret ’cause we got your back, Jack! All options are based on availability; we will, however, do everything we can to work with you and to make sure your pet(s) is/are taken care of.

*our holiday calendar is filled with tons of stuff (umm, national pizza day) but we only charge extra during federal holidays (and sometimes the holiday’s sister day):

  • Christmas Eve Day + Christmas Day (December 24th and December 25th)
  • New Year’s Eve Day + New Year’s Day (December 31st and January 1st)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (third Monday in January)
  • Washington’s Birthday (third Monday in February)
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • 4th of July Day
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  • Columbus Day (second Monday in October)
  • Veterans Day (November 11th)
  • Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November)

On-call, after hours, and weekends apply to dog walking, dog running, and transportation. Holidays apply to dog walking, dog running, IYH pet sitting, and transportation.


Transportation = $18 roundtrip (total max distance: 15 miles)*

Sometimes it’s impossible to break away from work and take your adorable pet(s) to their appointments. We’ll happily (and safely) give your pet(s) a ride to/from the vet, the groomer, doggie day care, or the cute chica’s place downtown. 😉

All pets ride in the backseat (away from airbags) and are buckled in before we hit the road. We have a booster seat for the little pups (up to 25 lbs.) and a snap-in seatbelt adapter for the big guys (up to 70 lbs.).

*we’ll happily pick-up + drop-off your pet(s); staying with your pet during their visit costs extra and is based on the amount of time we’ll be with them
**the transportation base price is for 1 dog; if your fur family is big (like ours), the whole fam can ride together and it’s only $4 more per dog/per trip


Big Day Sitter = Based on services needed

Your wedding day, your moving day, your “let’s rip out these kitchen cabinets” demo day – oy vey! Life is filled with an endless string of super fun (and stressful) days that can sometimes be a little too much for your pet(s). No need to fret, we can turn that super stressful day into a soothing oasis of calm and retreat (woosah…).

Whatever you need leading up to, during, and after the big day to keep your + your pet(s) sanity, we’re here to help. We’ll work together to create a 100% custom stress-free plan for your pet(s), that will help keep one more thing off your “list of worries”.


Pup Wash = $12 per pup

+add-on for 60 min. dog park playtime
+add-on for Overnight IYH Pet Sitting

Some pups loooove to play hard and get dirty (the stinkier the stuff the better). If your pup rolls in poo/mud/etc. during our dog park playtime sesh – or you’d like to come home from vacay to a pup-a-licious smelling pooch – we’ll wash the play away so they’re fresh, clean, and stinky free!



+add-on for Overnight IYH Pet Sitting

Extend the feeling of vacay euphoria (or walk into euphoria after a grueling biz trip) by coming home to a clean, tidy, ready-to-relax-in home. When you walk through your front door, all you’ll need to do is put your bags down, give your adorable pets hugs + kisses, and figure out what to do for dinner.

Light housekeeping includes (not limited to):

  • Light dusting (living/family room)
  • Vacuuming (living/family room, hallway carpet or rugs)
  • Kitchen clean-up (wipe down countertops/sink, run/empty dishwasher)
  • Sweeping + mopping (kitchen/dining room floor)
  • Laundry (towels + sheets used by sitter)



+add-on for Overnight IYH Pet Sitting

Whether you’re potty training the newest member of your fur family or have a pup who just can’t help but piddle on the carpet every time they get excited, we’ll work on getting both old + new stains* out of the carpet for you.

Carpet spot clean includes (not limited to):

  • identification of “potty” spots with a UV flashlight pet urine detector kit
  • pre-treatment of “potty” spots with your preferred spot treatment (or we can bring our own)
  • cleaning of “potty” spots with our portable spot cleaning machine

*for older set-in carpet stains, we’ll do our best to lift them but can’t guarantee that they’ll come out (we’ll try though!)



+add-on for Overnight IYH Pet Sitting

You know those live online videos of newborn cubs that you just can’t stop watching? Imagine if that feed was of your pet(s)… EEEP! You’ll be able to see how fab your pets’ staycation is going through your very own live Nest camera feed.

Nest camera (video streaming) includes (not limited to):

  • secure setup of Nest on your wifi
  • secure log-in that you’ll use to view the feed via the Nest app on your phone (iOS and Android)
  • camera placement in your pets’ fav spot in your home*

*for privacy reasons if the camera is placed in a private (ie. bedroom) or common (ie. family room) area, the camera will be turned off while the sitter is in your home (’cause if it’s not, that’s just creepy); if we need to, we’ll move the camera around so it sits in the place your pet(s) frequent the most

**when I say “we”, it’s really the royal we ’cause right now it’s just me (Rosie) 😁 


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